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Emergency Help Call 029-861-0631 (within Japan) varid from July 20, 2pm - July 25, 2pm (UTC+9)
The local organizing committee of μSR2008 has setup a direct phone number which accepts emergency help call from the participants and the accompanied persons. The number is +81-29-861-0631 (from outside of Japan), or 029-861-0631 (within Japan) or extension 550 (within conference site). If you need a help from the organizer of the conference, please call this number. Someone from LOC will take your call and assist you.

The temperatures in Tsukuba range from 25 C at night to 32 C during the daytime. Hopefully, the rainy season will end before the conference week. The hotels and the conference site are generaly air-conditioned.

Informal for all the occasions.

Cash Machine
In a near-by shopping mall (Kasumi store), there is a Cash Machine which accepts credit cards/ bank cards in the following network: VISA, Master, PLUS, Cirrus and UnionPay. Certain commission fee will be applied.

Post office
The central post office in Tsukuba is located at a 3minutes walk east from the Tsukuba centeral bus depot. The office is open 24H. Hotels may often provide simpe postage services.

A restaurant guide (English/Japanese) will be provided as a part of the conference package. Many of them are open on Sundays and holidays as well.

Tipping and consumer tax
Tipping is not customary in Japan. However, major restaurants or hotels may add a 10% to 15% service charge. You have to pay 5% consumer tax on everything, but it is usually already included to the price shown.

Electric power in Japan is supplied at 100V (50Hz). The plugs are flat two pins, identical to US and Canadian plugs, but sometimes without the ground connection. There is a large electric shop in front of the conference site.

Conference site (IP= There is a wireless LAN connection with DHCP.
Okura Hotels (IP=61.118.155.x=*akatuka.ibaraki.ocn.ne.jp): Every rooms in Okura Hotels has a wired-LAN connection with DHCP. Okura Hotel Epochal has a wireless-LAN with DHCP in the lobby as well.

Conference site (+81-029-861-1209):
You can receive a FAX for 10yen/page. Transmission of a FAX is domestic only: 100yen/minute.
Okura Frontier Hotel Tsukuba (+81-29-852-5623) or Tsukuba Epochal (+81-29-860-7701):
You can receive FAX for free. Transmission of FAX is 160yen + the charge for the phone call.





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