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Abstract List

The following is the list of Abstracts submitted to μSR2008 conference.

Invited speakers or special lecturer are in bold author names.
Abstract Reference Number (ARN) is specified at the end of each line.

Corresponding Author Title of Abstract ARN
Akimitsu Multigap superconductivity in La2C3 and Y2C3 172
Alloul Charge order and anomalous magnetism in the Na cobaltates 177
Amato Interplay Magnetism-Superconductivity in UCoGe 051
Aoki Unconventional pairing originating from disconnected Fermi surfaces in the iron-based oxypnictides 196
Aoki Weak ferromagnetic ordering in the anomalous field-insensitive heavy-fermion state in SmOs$_4$Sb$_{12}$ 115
Arseneau Study of the He$\mu$ + H$_{2}$ Reaction at Room Temperature: Theory and Measurement 099
Baker Superfluid density vs.~layer spacing in high-$T_c$ cuprates 105
Bakule Widely tunable laser system for laser irradiated pump-probe type $\mu$SR experiments at RIKEN-RAL 143
Belousov Calculation of formation-time of impurity centers in crystals with diamond lattice structure induced by negative muons 052
Blundell Bose-Einstein condensation of magnons in the spin-1 chain NiCl$_2\cdot$4SC(NH$_2$)$_2$ studied by $\mu^+$SR 157
Brandt Muon Spin Rotation and the Vortex Lattice in Superconductors 173
Brewer Relativistic shifts of bound negative muon $g$-factors: finite nuclear size effects 148
Brodovitch Kinetics of Mu addition to acetone in superheated water 070
Bueno Longitudinal muon spin relaxation in aluminium and silver 054
Carroll Muonium Acceptor States in High-Ge SiGe Alloys 029
Celebi Muonium Transitions in 4H Silicon Carbide 107
Chernousov The Features of Acceptor Center Formation by Negative Muon in Diamond and Silicon 056
Choi Characterization and Structural Analysis of Quasi-Nano Sized Ba-Zn Ferrite Powders Prepared by Self-propagating High Temperature Synthesis and Mechanical Milling 185
Chow Structure and dynamics of isolated Mu$^{+}$ and Mu$^{-}$ in Silicon 068
Chow Cross-relaxation of $^8$Li in copper 069
Chow Local magnetic properties of $(RE)_{12}Co_{5}Bi$ studied by $\mu$SR 071
Chow Local magnetism of YbCrSb$_{3}$, an anomalous member of the RECrSb$_{3}$ series 074
Cox Muon mobility in white and grey tin 019
Cox Muonium in boron 106
Cywinski Towards a Dedicated High-Intensity Muon Facility 137
Dalmas de Reotier Microscopic description of the second moment of the field distribution in magnets and in the mixed phase of superconductors 005
Das Probing the Singlet and Triplet State in Oxyhemoglobin with $mu$SR: a First-Principles Study 076
De Renzi Role of quenched disorder in the phase diagram of cuprates 175
Dilger Local Ordering: The Effect of Quadrupole Interaction on the Hypefine Couplings of the Cyclohexadienyl Radical 037
Dilger Locating chiral molecules added to a nematic lyotropic liquid crystal using ALC-$\mu$SR 038
Doyama Comparison Between Muon and Positron Images Using Imaging Plates 008
Duan $\mu$SR Study on Ferromagnetic Properties of Rb Clusters Incorporated into Zeolite A 119
Dunsiger Spin dynamics of "frozen" Spin Ice 141
Enomoto Spin Dynamics of Novel Charge Transfer Phase Transition in Iron Mixed-Valence Complex, (n-C$_n$H$_{2n+1}$)$_4$N[Fe$^{II}$Fe$^{III}$(dto)$_3$] (dto = C$_2$O$_2$S$_2$, n=3, 5) by $\mu $SR 193
Eshchenko High-pressure Muon Spin Rotation studies of magnetic semiconductors: EuS 146
Eshchenko Low Energy Muon studies of semiconductor interfaces 147
Eshchenko GaP studies by RF-$\mu$SR in Electric Fields 149
Eshchenko Muon track induced current measurements in semi-insulating GaAs 151
Fan Study of $^8$Li$^+$ in platinum using $\beta$-NMR technique 062
Fan Influence of optical excitation on the diamagnetic muonium states in Ge 063
Fan Dynamics of muonium in silicon under photoexcitation, studied via their precession signatures 073
Fleming Toward the First Study of Chemical Reaction Dynamics of Mu with pumped molecules: Stimulated Raman Pumping and the Mu+H$_2^*$ (v=1) Reaction 009
Garcia Dynamics of Mononuclear Fe(II) Spin Crossover Complexes -- Muon Studies 176
Ghandi Hyperfine Interactions of Muoniated Ethyl Radical in Supercritical CO$_2$ 042
Ghandi Investigating the temperature and solvent effects on the cyclohexadienyl radical in an ionic liquid 060
Ghandi The experimental and theoretical study of the reaction of 2-methyl-3-buten-2-ol with H (Mu) 061
Ghandi Investigation of the reaction between Mu and Acetone in Trihexyl (Tetradecyl) Phosphonium Chloride Ionic Liquid 077
Ghandi Radiofrequency muon spin resonance studies of muoniated diamagnetic and free radical species in liquid acetone 078
Ghandi Measurement of muonium reactions with laser-pumped molecules 091
Giblin Static long range magnetic order in the frustrated spin ice Tb$_2$Sn$_2$O$_7$ 153
Gil Spin exchange of muonium in CdS 101
Gil Muonium in nano-crystalline II-VI semiconductors 102
Goko Mn-Substitution-Induced Magnetic Phase Transitions in Sr$_{3}$Ru$_{2}$O$_{7}$ 092
Goto $\mu$SR-detected Softmode toward a Possible Phase Transition in disordered spin gap system (CH$_3$)$_2$CHNH$_3$-Cu(Cl$_x$Br$_{1-x}$)$_3$ 195
Gubbens Itinerant and localized magnetic correlations in URhGe and UGe$_2$ 004
Higemoto Anomalous magnetic state in UPt$_3$ at very low temperature 184
Hiraishi Anomalous quasiparticle excitation in Li-intercalated layered superconductor ${Li_xZrNCl}$ 114
Hossain Low-Field Cross Relaxation of $^8$Li in NbSe$_2$ 155
Huxley From quantum criticality to field induced superconductivity 194
Ikeda MW Pulsed Neutron and Muon Source Facility at J-PARC 199
Ikedo Muon dynamics in superprotonic conductors 033
Ikedo High pressure $\mu$SR study on cobalt oxide spinel 034
Ikedo $\mu$SR study on CuCr$_{1-x}$Mg$_x$O$_2$ 035
Imazato Precise Measurement of $\mu^+$ Transverse Polarization in the J-PARC TREK Experiment 017
Ishii Effect of Pressure on Conductive Anion-Radical Salt, (DMe-DCNQI)$_{2}$Cu 181
Ito Observation of Quantized Muon Spin Precession Frequencies in Paramagnetic PrPb3 133
Ito Possible Low-energy Excitations of Multipoles in Filled Skutterudite Compound SmRu4P12 134
Jarry Muon Spin Relaxation on Mixed Valence Cobaltites 014
Kadono Magnetic response of mixed state in noncentrosymmetric superconductor La$_2$C$_3$ 046
Kadono High transverse field $\mu$SR with $\frac{\pi}{2}$-RF pulse spin control technique 093
Kageyama $\mu$SR Studies of Quantum Phase Transitions in the S = 1/2 Frustrated Square Lattice Cu(Cl,Br)La(Nb,Ta)2O7 123
Kalvius Magnetism of frustrated A-site Spinels (Mn,\,Fe,\,Co)Al$_2$O$_4$ 059
Kase Coexistense of superconductivity and magnetism in Tm-based superconductor probed by muon spin relaxation 145
Kawasaki Magnetism of A-site ordered perovskite manganites {\it R}BaMn$_2$O$_6$ ({\it R} = La and Y) 043
Kiefl Temperature Dependent Structure of Isolated $^{8}$Li$^{+}$ in Al 161
Kiefl Polarization of a Spin 1/2 $\beta$-NMR Probe 11Be using Colinear Laser Spectroscopy 162
Kiefl Surface Dependent Structural Phase Transition in SrTiO3 Observed with $\beta$-NMR of 8Li 163
Kikuchi Magnetic order of the frustrated triangular antiferromagents HCrO$_2$ and DCrO$_2$ 118
Kitahara A stochastic model of muon spin relaxation for polyacetyrene 103
Klamut Muon-spin rotation measurements of the penetration depth of the Mo3Sb7 superconductor 094
Klamut Muon spin rotation measured internal field in the magnetic ordered state of SrRuO3 095
Koda Magnetic ground state of pyrochlore oxide Hg$_2$Os$_2$O$_7$ 144
Kojima In-plane and out-of-plane superconductivity of Marcury-based multilayer high-$T_{\rm c}$ superconductors 050
Kubo Muonium in Calcium Phosphate 171
Lancaster Order, entanglement and a new determination of exchange in quasi-two-dimensional molecular magnets 082
Lee Effect of Cerium Oxide on the Electromagnetic Properties and Superconducting Mechanism of YBCO Superconductors 186
Lee Study on the Synthesis Mechanism and Magnetic Properties of Quasi-nano Sized Ba-Mg Ferrite Powders Formed by Self-propagating High Temperature Synthesis 190
Lichti Energies for Muonium Defect Levels in Semiconductors 030
Lichti Dynamics of T-Site Muonium States in Gallium Phosphide 031
Lichti Possible Donor and Acceptor Levels for Muonium in ZnSe 040
Litterst Magnetic Order in EuNiO3 178
Lord Development of microwave resonance at ISIS 010
Luetkens Magnetism and Superconductivity in LaO$_{1-x}$F$_x$FeAs 189
Luetkens Muon Spin Relaxation on Layered Cobaltites RBaCo$_2$O$_{5.5}$ 013
Luke Absence of Broken Time Reversal Symmetry in the Pseudogap State of the High Temperature Superconductor La2-xSrxCuO4 from Muon Spin Relaxation Measurements 112
MacFarlane A $\mu$SR search for magnetism in the cluster compound Nb$_6$F$_{15}$ 075
MacFarlane The spin lattice relaxation of $^8$Li in simple metals 159
MacFarlane Hyperfine fields in Thin Pd Films by Beta-detected NMR 160
Machi Thermal Ionization of Bond-centred Muonium in Diamond 006
MacLaughlin Spin-liquid/spin-glass-like behavior in pyrochlore Pr$_2$Ir$_2$O$_7$ 096
Macrae Muoniated Radical States in the Group 16 Elements: Computational Studies 164
Mamedov Shallow acceptor impurities in diamond-like semiconductors studied by polarized negative muons 007
McKenzie Muon Spin Spectroscopy of Discotic Liquid Crystals 156
McKenzie Azacyclohexadienyl Radicals in Liquid Pyridine and ZSM-5 Zeolite 158
Mihara Muon Spin Relaxation in Hydrogen Tungsten Bronze 135
Miyake J-PARC Muon Source, MUSE 170
Miyazaki Unconventional phase diagram of (Bi,Pb)2201 cuprates 121
Morenzoni A (close) look below surfaces and at heterostructures with polarized muons 197
Morenzoni Microscopic investigation of a metal-superconductor proximity bilayer 083
Morenzoni Superconductivity and magnetism in cuprate heterostructures 128
Morenzoni Low Field Cross Relaxation of 8Li in Al and an Al/Nb Bilayer 129
Morris Search for Broken Time Reversal Symmetry Near the Surface of YBa$_2$Cu$_3$O$_{7-\delta} 166
Nagamine Muons for Spintronics: Polarized Conduction Electrons in GaAs Observed by Spin Exchange Scattering of Muonium 130
Nagamine Compact Muon Source with Electron Accelerator for a Mobile $\mu$SR Facility 131
Nagamine Possible Biological Radiation Effect in Protein and DNA produced and detected by Muon Spin Probes 136
Nagamiya J-PARC project 198
Nakamura Structural transition in Mo$_3$Sb$_7$ probed by muon spin relaxation 188
Nakano Fast Muon Spin Relaxation in Ferromagnetism of Potassium Clusters in Zeolite A 109
Nieuwenhuys Investigating the magnetic order in strained thin films of Pr$_{0.5}$Ca$_{0.5}$MnO$_3$ by muon spin relaxation 016
Nugroho Changes of spin dynamics in multiferroic Tb1-xCaxMnO3 127
Ohishi Field-Induced Magnetism in Cuprate Superconductor Ca$_{2-x}$Na$_x$CuO$_2$Cl$_2$ 047
Ohishi Magnetism and Superconductivity in Heavy Fermion Superconductor CeCo(In$_{1-x}$Cd$_x$)$_5$ 064
Okabe $\mu $SR study of magnetic ground state in Mo$_{3}${Sb}$_{7}$ 182
Percival Silyl and germyl radicals investigated by muon spin spectroscopy 065
Piroto Duarte Detailed Hyperfine Structure of Muoniated Radicals in Planar Phthalocyanines 053
Piroto Duarte Spin-Exchange of Axially Symmetric Mu States in Polycrystalline Media 142
Pratt Magnetism and Superconductivity in the Pnictide High Temperature Superconductor SmO$_{1-x}$F$_x$FeAs 187
Pratt Muon Spin Relaxation Studies of Critical Fluctuations and Diffusive Spin Dynamics in Molecular Magnets 079
Pratt Using Field-dependent $\mu$SR to Study a Metamagnet 080
Prokscha Near-surface muonium states in semiconductors 011
Prokscha A novel VME based $\mu$SR data acquisition system at PSI 012
Saadaoui $\beta$-NMR investigation of the vortex lattice near the interface of silver and Pr$_{1.85}$Ce$_{0.15}$CuO$_{4-\delta}$ thin films 167
Saadaoui Anomalous vortex broadening near YBa$_{2}$Cu$_{3}$O$_{7-\delta}$ probed using $\beta$-NMR 168
Salman HiFi - A New High Field Muon Spectrometer at ISIS 032
Salman Measuring the magnetic properties of monolayers of single molecule magnets 036
Salman Persistent Spin Dynamics in the $S=1/2$ V$_{15}$ Molecular Nano-Magnet 154
Sato Novel features associated with plural 4$f$-electrons in the filled skutterudites 072
Satoh Zn impurity effect on Ca$_{2-x}$Na$_{x}$CuO$_{2}$Cl$_{2}$ near the hole concentration of 1/8 per Cu 044
Satoh Anomalous magnetic ground state associated with metal-insulator transition in Ru-pyrochlore oxide 045
Satoh $\mu$SR Study of unconventional Organic Superconductor $\kappa$-(BEDT-TTF)$_4$Hg$_{2.89}$Br$_8$ 125
Satoh $\mu$SR Study of Organic Antiferromagnet $\beta$'-(BEDT-TTF)$_2$ICl$_2$ under High Pressure 126
Scheicher Muon and Muonium in Nucleic Acid Bases studied from First Principles 041
Sedlak Simulation and Optimisation of the High-Field $\mu$SR Spectrometer Design 023
Sedlak Simulation of the Upgraded ALC Spectrometer 024
Shimomura Decay/Surface Muon Channel at MUSE 169
Shimomura Shallow level muonium center in TiO$_{2}$ 183
Shiroka Scintillating fibres for future $\mu$SR spectrometers 089
Shiroka {\textbf {\sc Geant4}} as a simulation framework in $\mu$SR 090
Song Beta-detected NMR Study of the Local Magnetic Field in Epitaxial GaAs:Mn 081
Song Spin Lattice Relaxation of $^8$Li in a Ferromagnetic EuO Epitaxial Thin Film 165
Sonier Anomalous Normal-State Magnetism Coupled to Superconductivity in YBa$_2$Cu$_3$O$_y$ and La$_{2-x}$Sr$_x$CuO$_4$ 057
Spehling $\mu$SR-studies on the Heavy-Fermion-Superconductor CeCoIn$_{5}$ at high magnetic fields 088
Steele The two-dimensional Heisenberg antiferromagnet $\mathbf{CuF_2(H_2O)_2(pyz)}$ studied with muon spin rotation 104
Storchak Direct Observation of the Magnetic Polaron 084
Storchak Magnetic Polarons in Magnetic Semiconductors 085
Storchak Spatially Resolved Inhomogeneous Ferromagnetism in (Ga,Mn)As Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors 086
Storchak Muon Spin Relaxation Studies of an 1/2 Spin Chain Compound LiCu$_2$O$_2$ 087
Stoykov A new detector system for the ALC spectrometer -- first experience with G-APDs in $\mu$SR instrumentation 001
Stoykov Fast timing detectors for the high field $\mu$SR spectrometers 002
Stoykov Negative muon spin rotation study of acceptor centers in SiC 039
Stubbs Magnetic Penetration Depth in Overdoped Tl-2201 Superconductors 152
Sugiyama Static magnetic order on the triangular antiferromagnet Li$_x$NiO$_2$ with $x\leq1$ 018
Sugiyama Annihilation of antiferromagnetic order in LiCoO$_2$ by excess Li 020
Sugiyama Static magnetic order and anisotropy of the layered cobalt dioxides Bi$_{1.6}$Pb$_{0.4}$Sr$_2$Co$_2$O$_y$ and Bi$_{2}$Sr$_2$Co$_2$O$_y$ 021
Sugiyama Static magnetic order in metallic triangular antiferromagnet Ag$_{2}$MnO$_{2}$ 022
Sugiyama Magnetic phase diagram of Li[Mg$_x$Mn$_{2-x}$]O$_4$ spinel 025
Sugiyama Complex magnetic order in quasi-one-dimensional compound Ca$_3$CoIrO$_6$ 048
Sugiyama Paramagnetic nature of the layered cobalt dioxide with a double rocksalt-type block 049
Sugiyama Complex magnetic phases in Ca$_{1-x}$Na$_x$V$_2$O$_4$ with 0$\leq x\leq1$ 174
Suter Superconductivity in a $\mathbf{La_2CuO_4}$/$\mathbf{La_{1.56}Sr_{0.44}CuO_4}$ Superlattice 026
Suter The Thin Film Phase Diagram of $\mathbf{La_{2-x}Sr_xCuO_4}$ 027
Suter Search for Magnetism in $\mathbf{HfO_2}$ Thin Films 028
Suzuki Bond-randomness effect on the quantum spin system Tl$_{1-x}$K$_x$CuCl$_3$ probed by muon-spin-relaxation method 100
Suzuki $\mu$SR study of thiospinel CuCrZrS$_{4}$ 113
Suzuki Development of a pipelined data acquisition system for $\mu$SR experiments at J-PARC 124
Takeshita Development of Positron Detector for Pulsed $\mu$SR Based on Multi-Pixel Photon Counter 116
Takeshita Electronic Ground State of $\beta$-Na$_{0.33}$V$_2$O$_5$ Probed by Muon Spin Rotation 117
Takeshita Coexistence of superconductivity and magnetism in LaFeAs(O$_{0.94}$F$_{0.06}$) 192
Tallon Muon spin relaxation: probing critical questions in high-$T_c$ superconductivity 180
Tanabe Ni-substitution effects on Cu-spin correlation in La$_{2-x}$Sr$_x$Cu$_{1-y}$Ni$_y$O$_4$ relating to hole trapping and stripe pinning 098
Todate On the Anti-decoupling Phenomena in LF-$\mu$SR 132
Tomono Construction of a new multi-channel $/mu$SR spectrometer at RIKEN-RAL 150
Tyagi Magnetism in a Series of Aqua-Bridged Cyanometalate Coordination Polymers 058
Uemura Low-energy $\mu$SR and transport studies of (Ga,Mn)As 122
Uemura Striking similarities in magnetism and superfluid density of FeAs and cuprate systems: implication to mechanisms 191
Van de WalleAtomic and Electronic Structure of Hydrogen-Related Centers in Hydrogen Storage Materials 179
Vilao Low-Energy-Muon [LEM] Study of Zn-Phthalocyanine and ZnO Thin Films 066
Vilao Delayed electron capture and Mu$^-$ formation in ZnSe and ZnS 067
Watanabe Precise $\mu$SR Measurements in Zero- and Longitudinal-Fields on La2-xSrxCuO4 and YBa2Cu3O6+\delta 138
Watanabe $\mu$SR Investigations of the Spin Dynamics of Central Metal Ions of Proteins 139
Watanabe Developments of Gas-Pressurized High-Pressure $\mu$SR Setup at The RIKEN-RAL Muon Facility 140
Weldon Mixed ordered and glassy states in geometrically frustrated coordination compounds 055
Yamada Complementary use of neutron scattering and $\mu$SR for high-Tc research 015
Yaouanc Exotic magnetic orders studied by $\mu$SR: what we learnt from geometrically frustrated magnetic materials 003
Zheng Drastic anion substitution effect in deformed pyrochlore lattice Co2(OH)3Cl1-xBrx 108
Zheng Magnetic Properties of Mixed System (Co1-xFex)2(OH)3Cl with Ferromagnetic Co2+ and Antiferromagnetic Fe2+ Spins on a Deformed Pyrochlore Lattice 110
Zheng Exotic antiferromagnetic transition in deformed pyrochlore lattice Ni2(OH)3Cl of atacamite-structure 111
Zheng Antiferromagnetic Transitions in Botallackite-Structure Cu2(OH)3Cl and Cu2(OH)3Br 120